Biology Chapter Notes and Handouts

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     A. Macromolecules Handouts:

         1. Handout: Functional Groups

         2. Handout: Amino Acids and Genetic Code

         3. Handout: Protein Levels of Organization

     B. Chapter 2 Chemical Bonds

     C. PDB Protein/Enzyme Project

         1. Handout: Project Guidelines

         2. Handout: Grading Rubric for PDB Project

     D. Chapter 3 Energy

     E. Chapter 4 Protein Structure and Function


IV. Cell Structure and Function

     A. Handout: The Animal Cell

     B. Handout: The Plant Cell

     C. Chapter 4: Tour of the Cell

     D. Chapter 5: The Working Cell

         1. Handout: Fluid Mosaic Model of the Cell Membrane

         2. Handout: Methods of Cell Transport

         3. Handout: Enzymes and Membrane Structure & Function

       E. VIDEO CLIP: The Inner Life of the Cell

           (Biovisions, Harvard University)

V. Cell and Energy

      A. Chapter 6: Cellular Respiration

         1. Handout: Overview of Cellular Respiration

             2. Handout: Glycolysis

         2a. Handout: Conversion of Pyruvate to Acetyl co-A

         3. Handout: Krebs Cycle (Citric Acid Cycle)

         4. Handout: ETC/Chemiosmosis (Oxidative Phosphorylation)

         5. Handout: Alcohol Fermentation

         6. Handout: Lactic Acid Fermentation

     B. Chapter 7: Photosynthesis

          1. Handout: Electron Flow in Light Reactions

          2. Handout: Light Reactions_UNLABELED

          3. Handout: Chemiosmosis

          4. Handout: Calvin Cycle_UNLABELED

          5. Handout: Photosynthesis - Alternate Pathways

VI. DNA Structure and Function

     A. Chapter 10: DNA Structure and Function

         1. Handout: DNA Enzymes

         2. Handout: DNA Replication

         3. Handout: DNA Replication - Unlabeled

VII. Protein Synthesis and Regulation

     A. Chapter 10: Protein Synthesis

           1. Handout: Gene Transcription

           2. Handout:Transcription and Translation

           3. Summary: Protein Synthesis


     B. Chapter 11: Gene Regulation

           1. Chapter 11: Regulation of Gene Expression

           2. Handout: Eukaryotic Gene Regulation


VII. Biotechnology and Bioinformatics        

     A. Chapter 12: Recombinant DNA Technology

     B. Student Handouts for Chapter 12



VIII. Cellular Reproduction and Inheritance

     A. Chapter 8: Cell Cycle

        1. Handout: Eukaryotic Cell Cycle

        2. Handout: Phases of Mitosis

        3. Handout: Phases of Meiosis

        4. Handout: Independent Assortment

        5. Handout: Comparison of Mitosis and Meiosis

        6. Handout: Mitosis Review

        7. Handout: Cellular Reproduction - Key Terms

     B. Chapter 9: Genetics

       C. Human Pedigree Inheritance Patterns

       D. The Fugates of Troublesome Creek, Kentucky

     E. Handout: Genetics Research Project Handout

        1. Grading Rubric for Human Genetics Wiki and Brochure

        F. Sex Linked Inheritance Problems

            1. Answer Key - Sex Linked Problems

IX. Concepts of Evolution

     A. Chapter 13: How Populations Evolve

              Handout: Hardy-Weinberg Homework Problems


         Answers to Hardy-Weinberg Problems

     B. Chapter 14: Speciation

     C. Chapter 15: Tracing Evolutionary History

     D. Chapter 16: The Origins of Microbial Life

     E. Chapter 17: Plants and Fungi

     F. Chapter 18: The Evolution of Invertebrate Diversity

     G. Chapter 19: The Evolution of Vertebrate Diversity

     H. Chapter 20: Unifying Concepts of Animal Structure and Function

       I. Chapter 21: Nutrition and Digestion

Student Notes are from Campbell's Concepts and Connections, 6th Edition, PowerPoint Presentations and Lectures authored by Mary C. Colavito.

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